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About Us

Trust your intuition and success will follow

Vijayshree Patil

Founded in 2019, The Safety Net aims to be a social network for change in healthcare, with three axes of intervention: awareness, training and education. Recent statistics show that India has a doctor-patient ratio as low as 1:921. This impacts the healthcare system in a dual manner: patients feel neglected and doctors genuinely don’t have enough time to adequately resolve every query that patients may have to their satisfaction. In this context, the need for bridging this divide is paramount. 

The Safety Net’s training axis is devoted to building awareness and skills among the general public through a targeted module covering steps to be taken in the event of a common medical emergency until appropriate medical help arrives. Recognizing early warning signs and taking rapid action is of prime importance in a country where traffic congestion and an overloaded medical emergency system means that there is often a delay in victims getting professional medical help.


Our education module is geared towards sharpening the emergency response skills of medical and paramedical staff to cater to the ever-increasing needs of the general population. With the fast pace of scientific research and knowledge, emergency protocols keep evolving time. Regularly upgrading this knowledge and updating skills is imperative.


The awareness axis uses the expansive reach of digital media to respond to medical queries, doubts and frequently asked questions from a mass audience that doctors may not always have the time to address in a personal, one-on-one setting. Our team of young, approachable super-specialist doctors have the expertise and the dedication to help.

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