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Mental health does not discriminate

And another one bites the dust

Another suicide. Yet another beautiful soul, ravaged by a hellhound on his heel - depression.

The loss of a young actor, a bright and beautiful soul has the whole nation debating this issue. Yet, when it hits home - a friend, a family member suffering, one just avoids a challenging conversation. Suicide has been attributed to be cowardice; a selfish act, by higher mortals. If you have never plunged into the depths of despair by depression - I urge you to withhold judgment.

Mental illness is an abyss, dark and deep. Ever so often, the void calls to you. You want the pain to end. And one answers the siren’s call. The opposite of depression is not happiness - it’s vitality. It’s connection; it’s community.

One with cancer, diabetes or any other physical ailment is not asked to power through. Yet when the mind is fractured - one is always asked to shake it off. Be strong, roll on. And the shame, the stigma, that’s what silences the neediest.

Medication for depression is not a one-size fits all. It needs to be tweaked and tampered, till it works. And at the end of the day, it’s a condition - a chemical imbalance or something more grave. It has to be managed. You fight your demons everyday - and come morning they re-emerge. This battle would make Sisyphus task sound like a success story. Yet death - is not the answer. Faith over fear, believe it gets better.

Mental health doesn’t discriminate. Another life lost - not the best way I’d like to spark a conversation. But seriously, let’s talk about it...

Drop us a mail at and let the professionals guide you through your pain. Life unfortunately isn’t that easily brought back.

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- Manisha Aurora

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